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World Music Choir


These are some of our upcoming gigs for the rest of 2017 - more details to follow as and when:

Saturday July 8th
Singing at the National Coalmining Museum near Wakefield. Choirs and musicians will be taking part in a 'Songs of Hope' celebration day on July 8, to fit in with the 'By the People, For the People' exhibition.The whole site will be filled with song - Chechelele, Soundsphere, Sheffield Socialist Choir, Free Range, Noteworthy Women and the Caphouse Choir. There will also be a singing workshop and a Big Sing.

Sunday September 17th
Singing at the great Otley Folk Festival - 3 sets during the day, 1.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall, 4pm in the Black Horse and 6pm on the Woolpack Stage. Do come along to this great festival.