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World Music Choir

We hope you will enjoy listening to some of our music and finding out more about us. We are a York-based acapella choir specialising in singing traditional music from around the world. We like to think we’ve developed a reputation as one of the most unusual, entertaining and dynamic choirs on the world/folk music scene and certainly feedback from our audiences has supported that view. Some recent quotes: 

“Beyond good!” “I would pay to see you again; in fact I would pay more!” “Wow, totally great, truly magnificent!” 

We have performed all over the UK and at festivals in France and Germany. We have had amazing times at the Edinburgh Fringe and continue to enjoy performing locally supporting various charities and being part of the vibrant York music community.

 “Vibrant and passionate... working together in perfect harmony”

Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Festival on-line review.

Chechelele, pronounced cheh-cheh-leh-leh, is a word from the South African Ndebele language, meaning happy