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  • E Malama: from Hawaii, we need to look after this sacred earth 
  • Idumai Zlato: Bulgarian swain requesting the hand of Zlato 
  • Jo We: from South Africa, boasting about his girl 
  • Kothbiro: haunting Kenyan song about the coming of the rain 
  • Kwan Yin Bosai: Buddhist peace chant 
  • Let the Life I’ve Lived: spiritual, hanky required 
  • Lesang Magwala: the freedom struggle in South Africa 
  • Lo Gat se Penchena: spirited French Occitan folk song 
  • Nesefacay: Macedonian love song 
  • Pokare Kari: Maori – my love is across the water 
  • Polegala: Croatian harvesting song 
  • Prayer Wheel: gospel from the southern States 
  • Prende la Vela: Columbian festival song 
  • Ry Lanitra: forgive your enemies, from Madagascar 
  • Sensenina: South African funeral anthem 
  • Stormy Weather: wonderful arrangement of this 1930’s classic 
  • Tate Modima: about the suffering under apartheid 
  • Thina Sizwe: South African lament about land rights 
  • Tshotsholoza: on the train from Zimbabwe to work in the mines 
  • Tourdion: French drinking song 
  • Ukuthula: Zulu prayer for peace

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Chechelele, pronounced cheh-cheh-leh-leh, is a word from the South African Ndebele language, meaning happy